Tilting at windmills

10367174 10152593262307652 9214021371380349520 nTwo week after playing London Calling, the biggest tournament in Europe (number of teams), Bad Skid headed to Amsterdam to play the biggest Ultimate festival in Europe Windmill Windup. With Bad Skid, almost every European team which is going to WUCC this year was there. Bad Skid – last year’s finalist and 2nd seed in the prediction contest – came as one of favorites for the final. And after a quarter-final loss in London they wanted to fulfill this expectation.

As many of you may know, the tournament system is as nice as unpredictable. It’s called Swiss draw. In this system it’s not only important to win but also important to get a high difference between your score and the score of the opponent. It started against the Irish Team Rebel and with a good start for Bad Skid. The defensive pressure was too hard and the game finished 15-5 and Bad Skid got the full points for the first game. So the next game was already going to be a hard one. Unfortunately, one player was injured and was out for the rest of the tournament.

After snack time it was FAB waiting for Bad Skid for the second game. After the close loss in Brügge Bad Skid was motivated to take revenge for that game and in the end they did. Both teams fought hard but Bad Skid managed to get some breaks during the game und could resist a little comeback of FAB in the last few points (final score 14-12). The last game on Friday was against MUC who managed to get some nice points by deep shots. However, Bad Skid adjusted and got some blocks, so this game ended 15-9. The successful day finished with some obligatory things: Brechi-Golfen, dinner (Pizza) and the non-attendance of Mingle. Everyone was ready for playing Windmill Saturday which means four hard games including quarters and semis.

It started with Chevron who came late and with a small roster but did play well, always looking for the deep shot. However, Bad Skid always wanted to get as many points for the win and for another good game in the Swiss draw system so the score was 15-9. The next opponent was well-known from the final of Tom’s Tourney: Freespeed. Against Freespeed, Bad Skid is always motivated and they managed to play a very concentrated Offense against the classic zone of Freespeed. So Freespeed didn’t manage to get any break and consequently Bad Skid won 15-10.

After the Swiss draw system Bad Skid was seed 2 and played in quarters against MUC. The game was very similar to the first game against them and the score was also the same: 15-9.  Final was only one step away but to get there Bad Skid would have to beat Heidees which never is easy as many matches between those two teams have shown. Also this time they showed a really strong game always leading by one or two breaks. The game got more and more intense but this time Bad Skid wasn’t able to turn the game to a win. With 13-15 they lost and missed to play the final again. So this day the players went to bed very disappointed because of the missed chance to play final against Clapham.

It was difficult for Bad Skid to be motivated for the last game on Sunday. But they also wanted to use this game for preparation and the opponent wasn’t a bad one, Freespeed again. Offense wasn’t as good as in the first game but with the confidence of the first game they were able to beat Freespeed again with 15-12.

So all in all it was very different to London Calling. Not only the organization of the tournament is very different but also the performance of Bad Skid. In London they had many close games with many uncharacteristic mistakes but one very good game with a close defeat to Clapham. This time Bad Skid can go home with a good performance in all games except for one.

Congratulations to Clapham who won again a tournament undefeated and to Heidelberg who gave us a hard game and deserved to play finals.

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